Who We Are?

In 2020, Digininja360 was established. We are the top digital marketing firm in Madurai and Bangalore. We add value to your online business by ensuring that the proper people are visiting your website. Once the service is provided, we do not consider our task to be over. We think it starts with the ripples the service makes after it is generated. The brands that shine the brightest online are the ones whose success stories we want to tell.


What Are We?

A digital marketing company called Digininja360 is situated in Bangalore. Customers receive high-quality, dependable, and goal-oriented services from us.

To satisfy our customers’ needs and maximise return on investment, we are experts who offer the best services in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.


Innovative ideas, creative problem-solving, and best client satisfaction. By 2025, Digininja360 wants to increase the business’s revenue by 100%.


Digininja360 concentrated on devoting all of its efforts to enhancing client income and client pleasure, which helped the company realise its mission.

Our corevalues


We at Digininja360 focus on the moral duty to respect human and environmental dignity; as a result, we forbid all forms of violence, humiliation, manipulation, and exploitation.


In digininja360, trusting is similar to giving a task to a subordinate who has the ability to complete it quickly.


Every person is responsible for the choices they make, the actions they do, and the commitments they make to the greater work and company goal.


We at Digininja360 always encourage our staff to take an innovative approach to their job in order to provide our clients with better outcomes.


Teamwork, in the opinion of Digininja360, will help the business achieve its purpose.

How do we differfrom our competitors?

  • Digininja360 considers customer success to be our success.
  • When the client requests, we will give the reports.
  • We will communicate frequently over Skype, the phone, or email till the client’s question is answered.
  • To increase the client’s revenue, we offer comprehensive support.