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Google AdsServices

Transform your Adwords Campaign into a Profitable Success with Our Expert Management Services. Unlock Savings of up to 70% Now!

What Motivated You totake our Google Ads Services?

  • To effectively channel relevant traffic to your website, it’s essential to pinpoint the precise demographic. Our commitment is to ensure that your website reaches the intended audience, ensuring visibility among the right individuals using Google Ads.
  • We help you show your ads on top of Google’s SERP to reach your target audience and boost your sales at a low cost and with excellent returns.
  • We have certified Google Ads professionals with more than six years of experience working for e-commerce sales and lead creation.

Our Method

  • Conducting research on your company business
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Create a business plan and a campaign
  • Optimize the campaign
  • ROI focused Results

Our Range ofGoogle Ads Services

Search Ads

Search Advertising

Search Advertising is a powerful ad type for driving targeted traffic to your site. We specialize in identifying optimal keywords for your business, employing a unique workflow that includes keyword research, competitor analysis, campaign management, testing, optimization, and reporting. Also, ensuring your ad secures a top position in search results and increases intent and potential leads.

Display responsive ads

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a tool which we target the users with the right audience in the google website and google partner websites. This is one of the best tool for brand awareness. We will build more engagement, brand value, recognition and growth with the display advertising.

video ads services

Video Ads

Utilize the power of video ads to enhance your brand's visibility on YouTube and Google Partner websites. Our strategic promotion ensures increased brand awareness, offering a clear and compelling presentation of your products or services. Elevate your brand recall and engage customers effectively.

Shopping ads Bangalore

Google Shopping Ads

Elevate your online retail marketing strategy by showcasing your products prominently in Google search results. With our expertise, we optimize product stock listings and shopping campaigns, strategically targeting the right keywords. This ensures maximum visibility for your products in Google search results, offering a higher chance for potential customers to discover and engage with your product offerings.


Unlock the power of intelligent advertising through remarketing to captivate users more deeply with your products or services. By strategically targeting users who have previously visited your site, our approach serves as a persistent reminder of your offerings. With meticulous campaign optimization, we ensure not only a reminder of your brand but also deliver superior return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my google ads appear?

Google ads have flexibility to show your ads to the right audience in google search results and google partner website.

Will google ads help my business?

Absolutely, google ads help your business. It will drive right audience to your website. Ultimately, it will improve your business and healthy return.

How much budget do i need to spend on google ads?

Google ads have complete flexibility to invest the budget.

Why do google ads professional need to manage the account?

Google Ads system is quite sophisticated and complex especially when you need to achieve maximum results. Google price your ads based on the keywords and average monthly search volume, marketing trends, competition, your landing page experience. Besides, you have to keep optimizing your Google Ad campaigns frequently by monitoring reports and results. It’s a full-time job, so only it requires a Google Ads professional.

At Digininja360, our Google Ads certified professionals are expert and hold a lot of experience in Google Ads services. We help you set your marketing goals, and we accomplish the goals for you while you focus on your business.